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our structures

Our company offers various tensile structure solutions and is able to satisfy the needs of each customer.

Just the Structure

Versatile and modular – the perfect solution for every occasion

Our tensile structure is the perfect solution for any occasion, from tourism to sport, from yoga to beauty centers, spas, conference rooms, offices, ceremonies, restaurants, villas, and much more. By design, tensile structures are easily adaptable and customizable to the exact needs of the customer. They are resistant, lightweight, and modern-looking making them a valid choice for those looking for a versatile and high-quality solution for their projects.



Our Glamping offer includes everything you need to create a great business. The turnkey project includes the setting up of the tensile structure(s) with designer furnishings, a home automation management system for maximum guest comfort, a customized promotional website, and an automatic online booking system to simplify booking management. Thanks to our experience in the sector, we offer you a complete, easy and fast solution to create a successful glamping experience.

Low Cost

Affordable Glamping

Our low-cost glamping model is the perfect solution for those who want to try the glamping experience at an affordable price. With a size of 18m2, our tensile structure offers you just the right amount of space to enjoy nature at an affordable price. The tensile structure is easy to set up and take down, perfect for anyone looking for a temporary glamping experience. With our affordable model, you can savor the glamping experience without breaking the bank.


Our technology solutions for managing your glamping

Access Management

Ensure maximum security and convenience for your guests with our access control system. Manage access to your facility remotely with a simple SMS or QRCode, in a flexible and automated way. Welcome your customers wherever you are and at any time.

Energy Saving

Get significant energy savings for your glamping thanks to our automatic system connected via WiFi. With energy prices rising, it’s important to keep consumption under control. Our solution is easy to assemble and allows you to drastically reduce energy costs without sacrificing the design and look of your glamping experience.

International Visibility

Increase your visibility internationally with our online magazine. With a large and constantly growing public, both Italian and worldwide. Constantly updated, the magazine will allow you to emerge from the web and make yourself known. The articles are translated into English by a native speaker in order to reach tourists from all over the world. The goal is to spark an interest in readers, giving them a global vision of your structure and the surrounding area. Within the articles relevant to your area, there will be a direct link to your website leading readers into possible glamping customers for you. Direct booking with zero commission.

Website for your glamping

This service offers the creation of a website for tourist facilities, with attention to loading speed, search engine optimization, experiential navigation, and sparking interest in potential customers. The site is promoted through the online magazine to ensure greater international visibility and the possibility of direct bookings without commission fees.

our partner

With years of experience in the tourism and technology sectors, dooid smart solutions is able to provide hoteliers with the necessary tools needed to reduce costs and maximize revenue.